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All of our programs work to fulfill our mission to foster relationships with individuals desiring to move out of poverty by providing tools, support, education, and connections to community resources.

Since we began offering Getting Ahead (now Building the Bridge) workshops in 2015, there have been a total of 73 Getting Ahead graduates. We are fortunate to have met each participant and are always thrilled to watch them learn and grow along their path to self-sustainability.

One of our Getting Ahead workshops connected us with a woman named Heather. Heather struggles with a reading disability which, in addition to becoming pregnant, led her to drop out of high school. After many years of supporting herself and her child, she married, had another child, and decided to set an example for her children by earning her diploma. She attended our Getting Ahead workshop while enrolled at Adult Education and has since earned her diploma. She is currently balancing work and family while attending community college and receiving counseling for her reading disability. Heather is now a member of our Board of Directors. Her inspiring story of struggle and triumph is the epitome of what we hope to accomplish in the community.


This class offered the support I needed to look at my life and make a plan to move forward.”
– Barb, Getting Ahead graduate, Staying Ahead participant

Inspiring to do the best and be the best I can be.
– Shannon, Getting Ahead graduate

“Learning some of the patterns that come with certain decisions has helped with better decision making processes.– Meranda, Getting Ahead graduate

Getting Ahead was a good experience. We were able to open up and act as a family to help each other out.”
– Getting Ahead graduate

Getting Ahead has been very supportive, mentally, physically, and emotionally.
– Anjaliah, Getting Ahead graduate

The most helpful aspect of the Getting Ahead workshop was learning how to manage your money.
– Annette, Getting Ahead graduate

Helped me with resources I didn’t even know about.
– Getting Ahead graduate

There are so many limitations that the poor face on a daily basis.
– Mary, Bridges out of Poverty attendee

It promotes how organizational change can help clients succeed.
– Bob, Bridges out of Poverty attendee


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