Help Reduce the Impact of Poverty in Your Community

Bridges of Hope VolunteerIndividuals living in poverty are impacted by their financial situation in every aspect of their lives. They tend to have higher rates of illness, disease, and disability, exacerbated by the lack of comprehensive, affordable health insurance and access to nutritious foods. This can cause impacted children to have unhealthy development and perform poorly in school. Adults tend to face higher rates of incarceration due to poverty-related issues leading to crime and encounter more foreclosures, causing neighborhoods to decline. This is not the only way in which whole communities are impacted by poverty…as the individuals face these struggles, they are more likely to rely on public assistance.

When our priority is to help people to move out of poverty, not just live in poverty, our whole community benefits. As people become more stable and self-sufficient, they become positive contributors to our economy and our society. More education leads to better paying jobs and less reliance on public assistance. These individuals then contribute to the community by buying more goods from local business, purchasing homes and improving property values through proper home care and maintenance. They add to the tax base!


Bridges of Hope, Allegan County strives to help individuals move out of poverty. As we continue to expand within the community, so does the need for volunteers. We welcome a regular commitment of your time or would be happy to place you on a call list for when an urgent need arises. Help us build our community by helping others to cross the bridge to security and make our community a place where everyone can do well!

  • Become an Encourager to mentor and encourage our workshop participants as they find their way out of poverty to a more self-sustaining life.
  • Provide childcare or children’s activities for the children of workshop participants during workshops.
  • Prepare and/or package food for workshop participants to enjoy during workshops.
  • Provide transportation for participants to and from workshops (within Allegan County).
  • Serve on the Board of Directors to help ensure the organization is working toward its mission.

We are also currently seeking volunteers for our committees, which aid in the organization and facilitation of our programs and behind-the-scenes responsibilities:

  • The Finance Committee works with and reports on the financial resources of the organization.
  • The Program Development Committee guides the development and implementation of our programs and evaluates their success.
  • The Outreach Committee is responsible for fundraising and promoting all of the Bridges of Hope programs within the community.
  • The Development and Recruitment Committee is responsible for growing and maintaining lists of potential board members and volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering, please call 269-204-6041 or email

All volunteers must sign a Confidentiality Agreement and complete a background check. Transportation volunteers must also provide a copy of their current driver's license; volunteers on committees must sign a Conflict of Interest Agreement and be at least 18 years of age. The committees and the Board of Directors each meet once per month.


All donations are tax deductible and will benefit residents in and around Allegan County as we work to further our mission to end poverty. Here are some examples of regular costs we incur and how your donation could be used to further our mission:

To review our past tax filings, see our 990-N Archives.

Bridges of Hope, Allegan County is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation since 2014. No goods or services will be received in return for donations. TIN 46-4629016. MICS No. 51942.


Bridges of Hope Donate Charity

Corporate sponsorship opportunities are available – for more information, call 269-204-6041 or email

Bridges of Hope, Allegan County is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. No goods or services will be received in return for donations.
TIN 46-4629016 MICS No. 51942

Workshop starting February 18. Email us at bridgesofhopeallegancounty to register.



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